How to Upgrade a UniFi Controller that is Running as a Windows Service

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1. Open the UniFi Controller user interface and make a backup.

2. Launch the Command Prompt as an Administrator. On Windows 10 this would entail right-clicking and selecting “Run as administrator”. Please see Windows documentation to identify the appropriate method for your specific Windows version.

3. Change directory to the location of UniFi in your computer using the following command (exactly as it is here, no need to substitute anything):

cd "%UserProfile%\Ubiquiti UniFi\"

4. Once in the root of the UniFi folder, issue the following to uninstall the UniFi Controller service:

java -jar lib\ace.jar uninstallsvc

5. Once a new command prompt line is presented, that means uninstalling the service was successful. Update the UniFi Controller application’s version with any of the regular methods. Go to Settings > Maintenance in the Controller to upgrade to the latest public released version, or alternatively download the UniFi Controller installation package for Windows from the Downloads page or the UniFi Updates Blog.

6. Once the software update is successful, close the UniFi Controller application before going back to the Command Prompt.

7. In the Command Prompt issue the following to install the UniFi Controller service once again:

java -jar lib\ace.jar installsvc

8. Once you’re at a new command prompt line, after seeing the “Complete Installation…” message, issue the following:

java -jar lib\ace.jar startsvc

9. Close the Command Prompt window either by entering the exit command, or clicking the X.

10. To access the UniFi Controller you now need to open your browser and go to https://localhost:8443. Alternatively you can use the desired interface IP, or FQDN that is mapped to that host (in place of “localhost”).

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