Running Subsonic on Windows Server with Media on a NAS

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To fix the error “No media folders found. Please change the settings.” on Subsonic with the media stored on a NAS, use the UNC path in your media settings.

\NASmusic share

The reason for this errorĀ  is simply that your NAS requires authentication to access mapped drives.

You say: “But I am authenticated” and my drives Mapped when I install subsonic… This is true, you can access the music directories and files , but subsonic cannot.

The reason is simply that subsonic starts as a windows services which under normal circumstances runs BEFORE you log in and authenticate against your NAS.

The solution is to find the subsonic service (in the list of services) and right click, select properties and select the LOG ON tab. Enter a username and password that had both admin rights on your Windows machine and your NAS drives where your music is stored.

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