Epson Printer Isn’t Working

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OK, so it isn’t life shattering, but one thing that is really bothering me about Leopard is my Epson R220 printer no longer prints CDs. I bought this printer so I could print directly on printable CDs and DVDs. Believe me, people really appreciate a custom CD or DVD movie with nice graphics printed right on the disc. The Epson R220 has performed flawlessly up until Leopard. Even under Tiger 10.4.8 it printed without a hitch (I mention this since I have found while researching the problem that some people have had this problem since Tiger 10.4.).

The printer is seen by Leopard and it prints normal prints from within applications. It only fails when I try to print from the Epson PrintCD program. I get the following message:

“The EPSON printer driver dealing with CD printing is not installed.”

I have reinstalled the EPSON Print CD software and drivers but still get he same message. I uninstalled the printer driver and reinstalled it, then reinstalled the Epson PrintCD software. Again, no success. Searching the error in Google yields 45,000 results so evidently this is a problem.

I have yet to find a solution. I hope to be able to spend some time over the upcoming holiday to find a fix. Several people posting to forums have suggested switching to a program called DiscLabel which I downloaded the demo and it is very nice. However, the Epson software was free and it was fast and simple.

I will keep you posted!

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