Quark 7 Won’t Launch – Damaged Color Manager.qrc

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If Quark 7 won’t launch on your Mac and you get an error stating the the Color Manager.qrc extension is damaged or missing, there is a fix that is working for many users. It seems like some of the color management frameworks get damaged and need to be re-installed.

This has been suggested by a Quark Tech Support person. It did work for many users.

1. Go to > Macintosh HD > Library > Frameworks >

and trash  Logosync.framework, Xlan Frameworks, Kodak.CMS  (both the files and folders in there).

2. Go to > Macintosh HD > Applications > QuarkXPress folder > For System > QuarkXPress Components > double click to launch and give the location of QuarkXPress folder to install it.

3. Now launch QuarkXPress 7.0 and see the results.

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