Quark, Please Go Away Already!

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If you are the last remaining user of QuarkXpress, please stop and switch to InDesign. Quark is the worst company on the planet right now and they don’t deserve to be in business anymore. Case in point, our last phone … Continued

Apple Lists Startup Keys

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Apple has released a knowledge base article describing the key commands and what they enable when pressed during start-up: Press C during start-up: Start from a bootable CD/DVD, such as the Mac OS X Install disc. Press D during start-up: … Continued

0KB Fonts on SMB Shares

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More and more companies are using Windows servers and SMB shares in a networked environment. This poses a few challenges for Macs. One of the biggest problems is with older, T1 fonts (Postscript). When these fonts are moved from Appletalk … Continued

Lots of Fonts

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I know you like lots of fonts, so here is a great site with them! Mike’s Sketch Pad There are some Mac fonts and even more Windows fonts. Mac users can use some Windows fonts, otherwise you will need to … Continued

If You Use Windows, You Need This Patch

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It isn’t often that Microsoft publishes a patch to fix a security problem outside of the normal update cycles, but they just did! So if you use any modern flavor of Windows, head over to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/972890 for the latest patch. … Continued

A Great Pierogie Recipe

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I had to do a presentation for International Day at my daughter’s school yesterday. So, I had a group of 120 K-2 students make homemade pierogies! We had a blast. They mixed dough, made potato filling, and rolled out the … Continued