Comcast Kills Sending Email

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Over the past several months, Comcast users have been slowly losing the ability to send email. Without any warning, they are blocking sending mail on the default port and instead forcing users to send mail through port 587. Unfortunately for … Continued

More Tricks to Fix Apple Mail

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Apple Mail is not one of my favorite email programs (I personally prefer Microsoft Entourage instead) as it seems to have lots of strange problems. And with the latest system updates, Mail continues to cause users grief. Here are some … Continued

Remote Support

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Sage Advice has been chosen to participate in the Citrix Beta test for their latest remote support option, GoToAssist. With this product Sage technicians can offer remote support and can control both Macs and PCs from anywhere in the world. … Continued

Annoying Little Fixes

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Yes, I do use Windows on occassion and there has been an annoying little problem I have been experiencing with Microsoft Word 2003. Seemed like everytime I changed the default font from Times New Roman to Verdana, it would always … Continued